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Tanabata 2012
TANABATA 2012 Festival of Dreams
Exclusive Networking Event in Silicon Valley
Here we are again for the Third Annual Silicon Valley Tanabata 2012 - Festival of Dream, an exciting blend of Japanese cultural festival, international business networking event and fund raiser for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief., the networking event of the year to connect Japanese and Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial community! The attendees can get in touch with each other in TANABATA Festival after our 2nd Jannovation Jam pitch compettion, and enjoy the great performance and food! You can expect a lot of exciting events, such as:

Taiko performance
Kagami-wari Sake
Food Stalls (Sushi, Takoyaki, Yakitori, Japanese Snacks and Sweets)
Tanabata decoration (Make-a-wish strip of paper)
Omikuji (Japanese fortune telling paper)

Also, we have decided to decorate our party with lots of Cho-chin (Japanese traditional illuminating lantern), and some of you will find your names on those if you made a donation! Because, as of last year, we are continuously working on assisting the Japan's quick recovery from the disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami last year, and we have decided to write names on the Cho-chin for those who donated for us! It will be written in beautiful calligraphy with a professional, and you can bring those home after the party is over!

Originated in China, TANABATA is a Japanese star festival which celebrates the meeting of Vega and Altair, the lovers separated by the Milky Way and allowed to meet only at TANABATA night.
The most famous Japanese TANABATA festival is held in Sendai in August. SunBridge’sTanabata, inspired by Sendai’s Tanabata, is a premier event connecting Japanese to Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial community, and fundraising for the disaster-affected areas including Sendai.

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